'Lanna Landcraft' 2015, Bamboo, hessian rope, steel 'lim'. 1.8w x 5.3d x 4.7h.

 'Lanna Lancraft' was a collaboration between Mark Swartz and a team of highly skilled bamboo builders from across northern Thailand, who build traditionally in the Lanna 'style.' This sculpture mimics the traditional high peaked roofs seen across Northern Thailand, and incorporates this design with an organic and dynamic design using contemporary bamboo building techniques. Exhibited at 'One Too Many' exhibition at Ne-Na Contemporary Art-space in Mai Rim, Thailand,  Curated by Veronica Caciolli. Special Thanks to Ed Horne and Charlotte Haywood, Cris Baldwin, All the builders and craftsmen who worked on this project, and of course Rampad Kotkaew for so casually encouraging me to design and build this sculpture.